Find a Cure for Simon and Find a Cure for Verlat are interlacing secondary quests in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side quest:Find a cure for Simon/Verlat
Speak to Otho
Speak to Goemoe
Obtain the healing gem
Duplicate the healing gem
Heal Simon
Heal Verlat


Upon speaking to Goemoe, who cares for Simon or Otho, who is responsible for Verlat. Lucian is informed that they are unable to treat their patients due to the connection to the Source being broken. Neither Goemoe or Otho can use the last Healing gem as it would against their code, thus "choosing who should live or die".

Head to the healing shrine, north of Goemoe's house and request the healing gem through dialogue. At this point either go to the southwestern room in Goemoe's to find Simon and use the healing gem or heal Verlat, located in the southwestern room of Otho's house.

Alternatively, if one wants to heal both patients, head to the abandoned building at the north of Aleroth and obtain the magic mirror from inside. From here, place the magic mirror on a pool of water, then the healing gem, resulting in the gem being duplicated.


  • 1000 XP, per character healed.
  • Restoration by speaking to Goemoe if both are healed.
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