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Find a Cure for Simon and Find a Cure for Verlat are interlacing secondary quests in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed Walkthrough[]

Upon speaking to Goemoe, who cares for Simon, or Otho, who is responsible for Verlat, Lucian is informed that they are unable to treat their patients due to the connection to the Source being broken. Neither Goemoe or Otho can use the last Healing gem as it would go against their code, because it would thus be "choosing who should live or die".

Head to the healing shrine north of Goemoe's house and ask the shrine for the gem. Once the gem has been obtained, one can either heal a single patient in the respective healer's home, or locate the magic mirror in the abandoned house in northern Aleroth to duplicate the gem. This is accomplished by putting the mirror down on the ground on a proper water surface then putting the gem there as well.

If the decision was made to duplicate the gem, take the gem to one of the large pools of water in Aleroth, drop the mirror in the pool and then the gem. Two gems will be immediately returned. Take the gems then heal Simon and Verlat.


  • 1000 XP per character healed
  • Restoration by speaking to Goemoe if both are healed