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Find a solution to the plague problem is a quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthrough[]


Upon exiting Aleroth, Lucian is intercepted by Seth who tells him about the plague in Rivertown. The Aleroth Healers are asked to help with the situation.

Because of the orc invasion, the healers cannot exit Aleroth and Lucian is tasked with arranging an escort, Mardaneus suggests speaking with the army commander at the Army barracks. Upon delivering the message from Seth to Alix, she gets irritated by the fact that orcs are threatening the surrounding areas and that only Seth survived the orc attack. Since the healers are needed in Rivertown and they are willing to travel there with an escort, she dispatches a group to escort the healers. (Reward 13k xp).

At this point she also offers Lucian more work in the Ducal Army: a simple delivery of package to Mitox. Only the village Mitox is in is under siege. Lucian also has access to army equipment at this stage, since he is under military contract now. Upon leaving Alix, orcs attack the barracks.

Elrath is trying to create a cure for the grey death. However, a Letter of Elrath found in the House of doctor Elrath indicates that Elrath was behind the plague by poisoning the Poor area well.

Delivering this letter to Commander Ralph completes this quest.

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