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Find the Suppliers of Tingalf is a quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  • Talk to Tingalf
  • Inform Robin about Tingalf's suspicious activities
  • Activate the quest The Burning Cart
  • Show the letter found from the cave in the Dwarven Forest
  • Ask Tingalf about this stash
  • Inform Marcus about Tingalf's stash nearby, or go directly down to sewers
  • Kill Pedro and take the letter
  • Inform either Marcus or Robin

Detailed Walkthrough[]

After talking with Tingalf, speak to Robin to inform him of Tingalf's activities. Robin is aware of Tingalf, but does not have enough evidence against Tingalf to keep him behind bars long. To continue the quest, speak to Marcus who needs a new wheel delivering.

Head south into the Dwarven Forest and find the cart in flames. Lucian can now return to Marcus, who will ask him to what happened to the wares onboard. Return to the cart (or follow the blood trail from the cart if youdid not go back to Marcus first) and locate the cave. Once in the cave, Victorio and Melora will appear and must be defeated. Once defeated take the Letter from Pedro to Victorio and take it back to Marcus.

Once Marcus has seen the note, he will point to Tingalf, whose source of merchandise is a mystery to everyone. Approach Tingalf and ask him about his wares. He will admit that there is a stolen goods cache nearby, but refuses to reveal where; only saying "it's close". Go to Rivertown Sewers from hatch in the middle of market. If the stash has already been discovered before this point, it is not possible to progress the quest further. Head a bit in the sewers east to find Pedro, who is guarding the stolen goods; he refuses to let Lucian escape alive and must be killed. Once killed he will drop the Letter from Victorio to Pedro.

At this stage either:

  • Return to Lieutenant Robin and inform him of Tingalf and Pedro's activities, making it impossible to inform Marcus and Trevor, rendering Find the Truth About Tingalf impossible to complete. Robin will depart and return later, with Tingalf still on the streets.
  • Inform Marcus about stash down in sewers. This will result in Tingalf's arrest, and it is still possible to inform Robin and Trevor, completing their quests.

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