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For the character in Divine Divinity, see Finn (The Farmlands).
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He was desperate for us to help him. Two things scared the living daylights out of him: His own shadow, and his own Source.
Magister Waters

Finn is a deceased Sourcerer who was murdered aboard the Merryweather in 1242 AD.


Finn is a sourcerer and a godwoken. The blessing and information he knew terrified him to the point of being fearful of everyone and his own powers. He was murdered by Windego who sought him out while he was hugging his knees.

Related quests[]

Death Belowdecks - Magister Waters requests that the godwoken help find Finn's murderer.


  • It isnt possible the tell what race Finn was due to his body being mutilated and no-one calling him by race. The only indication is that his God was male and therefore possibly Rhalic or maybe Tir-Cendelius.

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