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White-hot embers blast from the Summer Kingdom of Caldia directly into this blazing, enchanted orb.

Fire essence is a crafting component in Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Fire essence is an ingredient, that can be bought from various NPCs or looted from monsters. On its own the essence is useless. However it is essential in crafting various Pyrokinetic scrolls and a Potion of Strong Will



Following table shows all creatures which have a chance to drop the item upon death. Highlighted creatures in this table have 100 % chance to drop said item. Note that creatures may drop other items as well.

Creature Location Creature Location
Eternal Sentinel Icon (DOS2)
Eternal Sentinel
The Arena of the One


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Following table shows all items for which this item is used for. Note that for more powerful Pyrokinetic scrolls a better quality Fire essence is required. If the scroll utilises base Fire essence it is possible to use higher quality essence as substitute. In short you cannot use Fire Essence in recipe requiring Alien Fire Essence or High Quality Fire Essence.

Items craftable with Fire Essence
Item Type Item Type
Haste Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Haste Scroll
Pyrokinetic Scroll Ignition Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Ignition scroll
Pyrokinetic Scroll
Peace Of Mind Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Peace of Mind scroll
Pyrokinetic Scroll Searing Daggers Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Searing Daggers
Pyrokinetic Scroll
Fireball Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Fireball scroll
Pyrokinetic Scroll Cluster Grenade
Cluster Grenade
Potion of Strong Will
Potion of Strong Will
Potion Fire Arrowhead
Fire Arrowhead
Crafting component
Fire Arrow
Fire Arrow

Items craftable with High Quality Fire Essence
Item Type Item Type
Supernova Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Supernova scroll
Pyrokinetic Scroll Fire Whip scroll Pyrokinetic Scroll
Laser Ray Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Laser Ray scroll
Pyrokinetic Scroll

Items craftable with Alien Quality Fire Essence
Item Type Item Type
Firebrand scroll Pyrokinetic Scroll Flaming Crescendo scroll Pyrokinetic Scroll

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