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For Fireball in Divinity II: Developer's Cut and its previous versions, see Fireball.
For Fireball in Divinity: Original Sin and its Enhanced Edition, see Fireball (DOS EE).

Fireball is a novice pyrokinetic spell in Divinity: Original Sin II.


Fireball is a offensive pyrokinetic spell that allows character to hurl a ball of flame at their target(s). The fireball deals fire damage and creates a fire surface upon making contact. Fire surface will last for 2 turns. Due to its nature, any flammable surfaces and clouds (oil, poison and web) will be set on fire and transformed into fire surface. Characters without Magic Armour Icon (Original Sin 2) Magic Armour will be afflicted with Burning (Original Sin 2) Burning status and suffer damage directly to their health.

This spell cannot be cast if character is Silenced (Original Sin 2) Silenced. Fireball spell is NOT reflected back when the target is under Deflective Barrier skill (Definitive Edition only).

Damage Modifier[]

Damage of this skill is calculated with the following formula: (Base Damage) x (1 + Elemental Bonus%) x (1 + Attribute Bonus% + Weapon Skill Bonus %) x (1 + High Ground Bonus% + Crit Bonus%) x ( 1 + Misc Bonus %)

The damage of this spell is affected by the following attributes of the caster:

  • Level
  • Pyrokinetic ability
  • Intelligence attribute
  • Height bonus
  • Critical Damage Modifier

Out of these the most effect on the damage have level and then Pyrokinetic ability as the latter increases damage by 5 % per point. Level provides greatest boost to the damage done. Intelligence provides the lowest bonus out of the three (3 points in Intelligence are equal to 1 point of Pyrokinetic).

When it comes to enemies they may resist fire damage if they have: Fire Immunity Status and high enough Fire Resistance Icon (Original Sin 2) Fire Resistance (which lowers fire damage done).

Other Modifiers[]

Fireball spells properties can be affected by talents, consumable items and other skills.

  • Far Out Man - Increases range of the skill
  • Ambidextrous - Decreases AP cost of Fireball by 1 point but only if Fireball is used in form of scroll
  • Elemental Affinity - Decreases AP cost of Fireball by 1 point if caster stands in any type of fire surface
  • Encourage - Will increase damage of Fireball by boosting Intelligence
  • Flesh Sacrifice - Increases damage done by 10 % (counts as Miscellaneous Bonus when calculated)
  • Peace of Mind - Will increase damage of Fireball by boosting Intelligence
  • Death Wish - Will grant bonus to damage equal to the percentage of missing health.
Consumable Items
  • Green Tea - Lowers Action Point cost by 2 points (but never below 1 Action Point).



Following table shows all NPCs who are guaranteed to sell pyrokinetic spellbooks, with their location and coordinates in the right column, from them. The location shown in the table (and the coordinates) are only for the initial location the NPC is in. Note that some of these may have other spell/skillbooks and goods to sell. Almira may follow the Godwoken on Lady Vengeance if her demands are met. Note that neither of these traders will have the Fireball skillbook for sale if Godwoken did not reach level 4.

Trader Location (x, y) Trader Location (x, y)
Stingtail Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Fort Joy
(200, 138)
Samadel Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Sanctuary of Amadia
(421, 44)
Almira Definitive Portrait (Original Sin 2)
Paradise Downs
(707, 391)
Ovis Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Driftwood Square
(353, 106)
Tovah Definitive Edition (Original Sin 2)
Elven camp
(505, 311)
Lizard Monk Definitive Portrait (Original Sin 2)
Lizard Monk
Temple of Tir-Cendelius
(302, 912)
Black Ring Quartermaster Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Black Ring Quartermaster
Black Ring encampment
(234, 769)
Friel Definitive Portrait (Original Sin 2)
The Cathedral
(318, 363)


Fireball Scroll (Original Sin 2) Fireball Scroll
Fireball scroll

Fireball skillbook
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