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For Whom the Troll Tolls is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin. This quest is obtained when you come across a bridge troll arguing with some immaculates just southeast of the Phantom Forest entrance.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • After approaching the troll there will be three options for resolution:
    • Choose to pay the troll 600 gold on the Immaculates' behalf for +1 Spiritual and an Enlightened Amulet from the thankful Slave Master.
      • In the Enhanced Edition, the toll is 4000 gold.
    • Choose to let them work it out themselves for +1 Materialistic and subsequently kill both the troll and the Immaculates, looting the Enlightened Amulet. The slaves will flee in the process.
    • Choose to pay the troll toll, but do not have the necessary amount of gold.
      • This is a mix of the two options above that nets both +1 Spiritual and a fight.

Detailed walkthrough[]

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  • 5100 Quest XP
  • Enlightened Amulet
  • +1 Spiritual, or...
  • +1 Materialistic and 22100 Combat XP


Right behind the bridge there's an offering scale with a sign (inscription: "The hen who shares her feed receives a greater second helping.") Placing 501+ gold on the scale will produce a treasure chest. The quality of the items inside doesn't seem to change based on the quantity of good placed upon the scale.