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Unlocked after Band of Brutes. Accepted from Locke.


This quest can be completed only one way, but has a side option that will fail the quest if you choose to take it.

  1. Side with Locke and bring his money back from Keane, completing the quest and receiving reward #1 or #3.
  2. Or side with Keane and let him keep Locke's money, failing the quest and receiving reward #2.


In choosing Locke's side he will sell you rare Weapons, Armor, Jewelry, as well as lowering his prices. Although some of the guards will be less friendly to you.

In choosing Keane's side you will receive Locke's Cart password. But Locke will become less friendly and raise his prices.

You can use mind reading on Locke's Cart to receive the password should you side with Locke. This way you get rewards #1 and #2.

After talking to Keane he states that Richard already collected the debt for Locke. You can verify this by going to Richard and asking him about it. Richard brags about how he did the quest previously. Although, this does not seem to change the quest's story line (so far). But this does prove that Keane is innocent, and that Locke is actually harassing Keane.

It may be noted that since you have the option to keep Locke's Wallet for yourself, Richard may have done the same, making both Keane and Locke innocent.

This is a reference to Shakespeare's play 'Merchant of Venice'  where Shylocke wants a 'pound of flesh' from his loan.


  1. Locke will lower his prices, sell you rare Weapons, Armor, and Jewelry, as well as offer you a reward of either 188 exp or 80 gold.
  2. Keane will give you Locke's Cart password which contains Locke's Ledger and 3-5 random uncommon items. (Note that it is possible to get the password by mindreading Locke's Cart and questionning the fact that "it is the latest model". Doing so, after some discussion, will make you able to choose a password to give which reveal the good one as #4 related to gold.)
  3. Once you have Locke's Wallet you can "use" it to obtain 500 gold, you fail the quest and Locke refuses to trade with you.