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The 'forgotten cell is a dungeon on Fort Joy. It is found after playing Hide n' Seek with Mody in the caverns.


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Once you have beaten Mody in Hide n' Seek he will reveal that under the Cavern is an underground chamber. Mody will climb through a small hole in the side while he directs the Sourcerers to dig up a newly revealed pile of dirt (if one has the required level in Wit). If one digs where Mody was found the second time, a hatch leading down to the cell will be revealed.

Notable inhabitantsEdit

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The cell has an Undead knight named Withermoore, who gives you a quest to find his soul trapped in a jar. His soul can be found in the underground chamber full of poison traps. You can enter this prison through the hatch that you uncover by pulling a lever. This lever is found to the left when you enter Fort Joy prison through the main gate.Edit

Discovering the forgotten cell grants the party 725 Experience.

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