Fort Joy, also known as the Joy is a prison island for Sourcerers, overseen by the Magisters.


Fort Joy is the first location players will encounter. You'll spend your first dozen or so hours here exploring the island, finishing quests, learning the basics and advancing the story.

You'll have two primary goals during your time on the island, to escape from the prison and then the island. Escaping the island is a pretty linear goal as there is only one way route off the island. However, escaping the prison can be done in a multitude of ways.[1]

If you do as many of the quests as you can and kill all the enemies you should leave the island around level 8-9.

Back a page to the Locations list you will find all the sub-zones within Fort Joy and their respective pages with information about them.



  1. Around 14 ways was mentioned by developers during backer alpha/beta.
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