Fort Joy Edit

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Quest Details Edit

The quest Fort Joy is received immediately upon starting a game and is the core quest for the first area, Fort Joy.

Guide Edit

Fort Joy has multiple ways to finish it as the goal of the quest itself is to escape the fort camp and enter The Hollow Marshes. Below are the ways you can escape.

Method 1: Eliminate the gate guards. Edit

Eliminate the Magisters and Source Hounds standing guard near the fort's castle and proceed to fight your way out. This method is straight forward, but not recommended as you will not be strong enough to defeat the Magisters early on.

Method 2: Complete The Teleporter quest Edit

  1. Complete the quest The Teleporter and use the gloves to teleport your party to the docks from where the quest wraps up or the ledge with the kick down ladder behind Mona's tent. If you entered through the docks make your way up the ledge, through the gate and into the castle and go to the bottom level of the castle and defeat an enemy named Kniles the Flenser, you will than be able to escape via a sewer tunnel to the left of the statue he stands near. If you entered via the ladder behind Mona's you must make your way past ______ by sneaking or killing him and his guard, proceed to the basement and kill Kniles.

Method 3: Save Magister ??? Edit