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Fort Joy Beach is a beach in Divinity: Original Sin II, situated in the north-western end of Reaper's Eye.


The beach extends north of the walls of Fort Joy and it is considered a part of the prison.

No magisters actively patrol this area, so Sourcerer inmates are relatively free to roam around the beach given that they have no way to escape the island.


The area is composed of a beach on the western side of Reaper's Eye and a second small beach on the north of Hidden Alcove. On the far eastern side of the area, a magisters' ship has recently crashed on the rocks.

Connected locations[]

  • Fort Joy Ghetto -accessed through the gate south of the area
  • Hidden Alcove - accessed through an hidden passage on the east side of the main beach
  • Mountain Top - It requires to teleport with Teleportation (or similar skill) a character on the broken bridge to be accessed

Points of interest[]



Creatures and Unnamed NPCs[]

Following table shows all creatures and unnamed NPCs which can be found within the location as well as their numbers and level.

Creature Number / Level Creature Number / Level
Freshly Buried Corpse Icon (DOS2)
Freshly Buried Corpse
1 / 1 Voidling Icon (DOS2)
Viscous Voidling
2 / 1


  • Hidden Dusty Pouch (buried mound) near Hidden Alcove entrance, containing: Darling Bow
  • Well-Worn Chest (X:247 Y:228)
  • Yarrow Flower (X:209 Y:246)
  • Curious Chest atop the broken bridge, reachable by jumping/teleportation, at (X:201 Y:290)




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Interactive Map[]