NPCs Edit

  • Delorus
  • Magister Houndmaster
  • Zillak
  • Vasyna
  • Verdas

Connecting Zones Edit

Quests Edit

Guaranteed Loot Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Magister Houndmaster
  • Magister Ranger x2
  • Magister Swordsman

Experience Edit

Encounters Edit

In the far most chamber the player will find Delorus being tortured by the Magister Houndmaster and his goons, the fight can be quite tough early on if the player isn't prepared and aware of their surroundings.

A cheap trick if the player desires to use it, is to use one character to speak to the Houndmaster while using the other three to defeat the rangers and swordsman, preventing the Houndmaster from joining combat.

If the player chooses to not use that trick, my suggestion is to keep the party behind the cages in the hallway and lure them out to it, this will force the rangers to come down off their height advantage and into the corridor where the player can easily cc them or apply area of effect damage.

Be aware of the torches in the corridor as the Magister Rangers will use oil bombs/arrows to spread the fire and burn the player's party.

The Houndmaster will begin combat by summoning a Source Hound, it has no armour so it can be cc'd easily, beware though it does a lot of damage in a single attack and can inflict Bleeding.

The player can easily kill Delorus by accident if they aren't careful of area of effect damages, which is why my suggestion is to lure them out or use the talk trick.