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Fort Joy Ghetto is the lower courtyard of Fort Joy and southern beach where captured sourcerers reside in 1242 AD.


The town is a sprawling Sourcerer settlement that has been made in a ruined section of Fort Joy. The camp is centered around the ruins of a small hall, that has been converted into a kitchen by Griff, who has used his gang to appoint himself as the boss of the camp. While the sourcerers of the Fort Joy Camp enjoy being able to roam the camp at their leisure, there are still two groups of magister guards, with one positioned at the northern entrance and the other watching the Fort Joy gate. In addition to this, there is a magister guard and a source hound patrolling around the camp.


Sub locations[]

The ghetto is composed by a small encampment that occupy a ruined part of the fortress and some beaches on the west and south of the main camp. It includes Camp Kitchen where Griff and sourcerers loyal to him reside, hatch leading to secret Arena of Fort Joy and Caverns where most non-human sourcerers and children reside.

Waypoint shrines[]

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Connecting Zones[]

  • Camp Kitchen - the kitchen behind altar to Lucian the Divine. Ran by Griff and his servants.
  • Fort Joy Beach - Accessed through the gate north of the area
  • Fort Joy - The main gate is east of the main plaza. It requires a key to be opened
  • Caverns - The entrance is on the south side of the ghetto
  • Underground Tunnel - A hidden entrance is present on the further east beach



Creatures and Unnamed NPCs[]

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  • Ralvo and his crew will attempt to extort you when you try to enter Fort Joy over the wall
  • A group of Saltwater Crocodiles at the north-western beach of the area




  • 300 experience - Entering the Camp Kitchen for the first time

Interactive Map[]