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Free the Hostages is a side quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  • Talk to Timmy.
  • Save hostages Arnie and Penny.
  • Talk to Arnie again in the Guildhouse, completing quest.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

When traveling in the woods eastern side of Archer's Guild Guildhouse, you are stopped by Timmy, who tells that thieves have came into their house and taken his parents hostage. Timmy asked for archers guild to help, but there is only Elredor and couple other Elves who are needed in guarding guildhouse against wildlife and Trolls. Elredor suggests analyzing the situation, whilst advising that going through the front door may be bad idea.

  • Timmy can be found in Archer's Guild guildhouse if he was told to go away, prior and during the quest.
  • Going into house from southern open door (front door) fails quest, by Raven killing Timmy's parents.
  • Raven and thugs are spawned even without acceptings this quest.
  • Interestingly, if Timmy is killed for whatever reason, it doesn't fail the quest.

Timmy says he had escaped the house from kitchen, which door key he may have dropped somewhere. Sleeping chamber door is also not only locked, but trapped too. Both doors can be opened with lvl 1 lockpick, or use keys:

  • Kitchen door key is right outside kitchen door, next to tree.
  • Sleeping chamber backdoor key is on the table, in kitchen.

Now you can safely rescue hostages, Arnie and Penny. Once rescued, they flee to Archer's Guild Guildhouse. Talking with Arnie completes the quest, rewarding with experience and +2 reputaion. He also gives permission to take anything from locked cupboard, but the key is in possession of Raven.

If later deciding to take on Raven, he can be lured over to Archer's Guild to help with the kill.

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