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Bring your opponent to a complete halt and then eliminate them or make your escape
Skill description

Freeze is a Mage skill in Divine Divinity.


This spell when cast will not only deal damage to Lucian's opponent, but will also freeze them on spot if their Spiritual Resistance is low enough.

Rank Required level Effects Mana cost
1 5 If spiritual resistance <10, 20 damage and frozen for 3 time units. 4
2 11 If spiritual resistance <15, 30 damage and frozen for 6 time units. 7
3 17 If spiritual resistance <20, 40 damage and frozen for 9 time units. 12
4 23 If spiritual resistance <25, 50 damage and frozen for 12 time units. 19
5 29 If spiritual resistance <30, 60 damage and frozen for 15 time units. 25


  • Skillbook can be found on bookshelves or bought from NPC's
  • On items with "of Freezing" suffix


  • Some weapons may have few levels of this spell on them in form of applied effect when in use against enemies.