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A mad hermit wants a wyvern mother egg to use as an ingredient for soup. I can find one on top of a wyvern spire, which will most certainly be more easily said than done.
Quest log

From Soup to Nuts is a side quest accepted from Hermit on Sentinel Island. He asks you to find and bring him a wyvern mother egg to make soup with.

Quick Walkthrough[]

Hostile approach[]

  • Go to the spire north of Vacca's cave.
  • Steal the egg.
  • Bring the egg to the Hermit

Peaceful approach[]

  • Speak with Vacca near Vacca's cave
  • Complete Vacca's quest Ghostbuster to receive wyvern salve.
  • Apply the salve at the base of the wyvern spire and then go for the egg.
  • Return the egg to the Hermit

Detailed Walkthrough[]

When you first exit the Maxos Temple unto Sentinel Island continue straight ahead toward the rocks directly in front of the temple. The Crazy Hermit lives in a cave inside these rocks.

When you first meet him, he tries to cast ridiculous spells on you that fail to work and runs to the back of the cave after realizing they aren't working. If you follow him and then talk to him, you can receive the quest and also trade with him.

After accepting the quest you can go retrieve the wyvern egg from wyvern spire north of Vacca's cave. If you can't make it to the nest, try and complete the quest Ghostbuster where Vacca gives you the wyvern salve which makes wyverns non hostile.


Ego Draconis version[]

  • Default: 1875 exp and 400 gold
  • Extra: 469 exp, or random misc item.

Dragon Knight Saga version[]

  • Default: 1800 experience, 500 gold
  • Extra (1 choice): 800 experience, 250 gold, random moderate quality potions, 5 random herbs, 2 random ore, 1 random gem