Fun With Fluids is a set of recipe books in Divinity: Original Sin


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Volume IEdit

Fun With Fluids

The old art of mixing potions is not just for apothecaries, anyone with a mind to learn the trade can put one and two together!
Every potion begins at the beginning, with an empty vial. One penny bun mushroom can be wrung for a great deal of health, while squeezing the poison from a fly arganic mushroom is as easy as plotting murder.

Volume IIEdit

If you've ever tried consuming a guepinia mushroom, you know full well what manner of effect it will have. Most Rivellonian mushrooms have some sort of effect on the human body and their essence can be squeezed into potions to enhance their effects. Combining mushroom-based potions has similar effects.

Volume IIIEdit

Fun With Fluids

Potions don't merely make you strong or your foes weak; they can also, if crafted wisely, protect you from the elements.

Volume IVEdit

Fun With Fluids

Drudanae's qualities are many and well-documented. For an adventurer, it isn't wise to consume in the thick of battle (though recreational use is widely accepted among liberal circles). Knowledge significantly less widely-spread, however, is that drudanae is best consume from within a flask, as the bottling process often brings out its finest features.

Volume VEdit

Fun With Fluids

Alcohol makes the dedicated warrior slow and clumsy, while a nice herbal tea only enhances one's best qualities. Fanny blossom produces a smooth-tasting brew sure to bring out the best in its drinkers.

Volume VIEdit

Fun With Fluids

Farhangite is an intimidating plant. It was, after all, named after one of Rivellon's fiercest heroes!

You can imagine what effect such a plant might have when mixed into a potion. Woe betide he who faces a foe who bath quaffed of a phial of :Farhangite!

Volume VIIEdit

Fun With Fluids

Here's one for the experimental adventurers- the ones who can face rotted corpses without losing their lunches; the ones with guts of grit.

The wise traveller's eye is ever-seeking. Potion ingredents. Treasure. Magic items. Hidden Buttons. Traps. Enemies.

Should you... find... an eye, should you happen to stumble upon one (as the frequent wanderer may well do!), squeeze it into a flask. Drink it. :Enjoy the sight of two in the body of one.

Volume VIIIEdit

Fun With Fluids

You can mix your own invisibility potion. Mix one armor potion with a [The text abruptly stops as if the ink itself has become invisible].

Volume IXEdit

Fun With Fluids

In my more experimental days, I once mixed drudanae with a magical potion. And i swear, after quaffing the result, the world around me was my :playgrund! I could move any item with the power of my mind alone, and I swear it was no drudanae dream!

Volume XEdit

Fun With Fluids

The strongest potions are made from complete potions plus certain items that heighten their efficacy.
Combine a potion that strengthens your body with bonedust.
Combine one that increases your speed with a sinew.
Combine, paradoxically, one that increases your perception with essence of shadow.