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Fun With Fungi is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin. It is given by speaking to the large mushroom in the centre of the cluster to the east of the Cabin of the White Witch waypoint shrine (X: 288, Y: 76).

Quick walkthrough[]

This information relates exclusively to Original Sin: Classic Edition
  • Speak to the mushrooms about the barrier
  • Return to your Homestead and speak to ZixZax about the mushrooms.
  • Return to the Mushrooms and tell them of ZixZax's solution. Choose to kill the mushrooms for +1 Blunt or to find the spell for +1 Considerate. Killing the mushrooms will lift the barrier and end the quest here.
  • The Barrier Removal Spell is hidden on a hill directly south of Fumble the troll from Beauty And The Beast. Teleport your character beyond the traps (the stone area up on the hill is safe) and dig the mound next to the chest (requires +12 Perception, 1650 XP). Be wary of traps around the chest.
  • Return to the Witch's cabin and read the Barrier Removal Spell to complete the quest (5500 XP).
End of information relating to Original Sin: Classic Edition
This information relates exclusively to Original Sin: Enhanced Edition
  • Speak to the mushrooms and accept their challenge.
  • Either:
    • Pass the riddles;
    • Pay the mushrooms 2500 gold
    • Killing them
End of information relating to Original Sin: Enhanced Edition

Detailed walkthrough[]

Upon speaking to the mushrooms, there are 4 options to give in respose: comment on the fact they are talking mushrooms, ask about the barrier, ask about the White Witch or leave. Asking about the barrier or the White Witch requires answering three riddles, failing a riddle will result in an inability to progress:

  1. The ravenous brute tore my chartreuse gown, ripped down my silken my silken hair by its roots, wrenched my children from me and fed me to the hogs. Who am I?
    • An ear of corn
  2. I cannot lie: I cannot lay, but only lie. Who am I?
    • A stone
  3. I've a neck as long as twice the width of a toad, As many eyes as half the number of seasons per annum, I'm known to cause hurricanes in the far east by merely taking off two minutes too late. Who am I?
    • A butterfly.

If the riddles are not solved, Scarlett and Roderick can then either pay them 2500 gold or refuse, resulting in a fight. If the result is combat, hitting them with elemental spells will cause a new mushroom to spawn. Use non elemental spells or physical attacks to damage them (Crushing Fist, Vampiric Touch, Razor's Edge and Trip, etc.).

Regardless of the route taken, the Barrier Removal Spell will be obtained from them. Use the spell and the barrier will fall.


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