Furley is found sleeping south from the Tribal Shrine, across the fallen tree bridge, and past where you get ambushed in Broken Valley. With him, and also asleep, are Namdar and Nightwinkle.

To wake up any of the three sleepers, you will have to mind-read them. Each character requires a different item to wake up and each item can only be discovered through a mind-read. So to wake all three you will need three mind-reads costing 300 - 400 each. There is no reward for waking one or two of the sleepers, but if you wake all three they will give you one Malachite Gem.

Furley needs a drink to wake up.

Nightwinkle needs a red apple

Namda needs a health potion.

The sleeping trio (Namdar, Furley, and Nightwinkle) should be fixed.

Afterwards, the trio can be found in Broken Valley village, near the chapel.