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Gardner is a character in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. He is first encountered in the Mardaneus Plaza district of Aleroth as a talking carrot at the Circle of Trust Inn. Later he can be found at the Prancing Seahorse on Lanilor Lane.

Carrot FormEdit

By speaking with Gardner in carrot form, you can learn about the Prancing Seahorse and its Forbidden Archive. You may also inquire about Ursula, the person responsible for his vegetative state.

Mindreading him for 15000 exp reveals: "She said I'd give power to those that eat me, but I'll be damned if I let anyone know."

Agreeing to help him:

  • You obtain the password to Gardner's room at the Prancing Seahorse. This allows you to pull one of three levers needed to remove the magical barrier from the Forbidden Archives, and lockpick the chest in his room (containing random loot).
  • When turned human again, you'll receive minor quest rewards for the "Gardner the Carrot" sub-quest of Seahorse Salad, and he'll give you the key to the chest in the lobby of the Prancing Seahorse (containing random loot).

Eating him:

  • You receive two stat points.
  • You'll need to find the three hidden notes to remove the magical barrier from the Forbidden Archives.
  • If you eat all three of the humans-turned-vegetables, you fail the Seahorse Salad quest.

Human FormEdit

If turned back into a human using the Vegetable Spell found the Forbidden Archives, you'll find Gardner sitting in front of the fireplace at the Prancing Seahorse enjoying some ale with Thomas and Ashraf. Rather than thanking you for your actions, he seems to feel that fate, providence, and luck deserve all the credit. Reminding him that you had something to do with his good fortunate prompts him to give you the Main Room Chest Key that opens the nearby chest.

Mindreading him for 7500 exp reveals: "{Behrlihn} Are there greater fools than those who believe in fate? He'll be into astrology next."