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Geomancy Book (Original Sin 2)
The rock may feel solid beneath your feet, but to a well-trained Geomancer it can flow like water or fly like the wind. Geomancy takes the power of earth and bends it to its master’s will. Geomancers will hurl boulders through the air as if throwing a ball for a dog, will cover their bodies with rock to form thick, sturdy armour, and will reach deep underground to draw up the liquids resting below. While rigid stone forms the backbone of any geomancer’s spellbook, oil and putrid poison pulled from the earth’s depths are the ink on the pages.

Geomancy is a type of elemental magic that appears in various forms across the Divinity Series.


Geomancy is a class of magic focusing on the manipulation of earth and forces of nature. Those who harness this magic are called Geomancers and are capable of hurling large stone chunks at their enemies, manipulating and regenerating the metal in their armour as well as transforming harmless water into poison. More adept casters may conjure living vines or summon large carnivorous flowers to do their bidding. The most powerful geomancers are even capable of causing earthquakes or pyroplastic eruptions with devastating consequences.

Known Geomancers[]

Geomancers can be found all over the world, in all walks of life. Some farmers will even try their hand at this world of magic at one point or another, thinking they can trick nature into serving their crop without going through the proper agricultural training. The fortunate can often be found endeavouring to tend to poisoned fields – the unfortunate are never found at all. True masters of geomancy are extremely rare, and will often live in exquisitely-designed caves, where they can be surrounded by the element that gives them strength and security.

There are many beings on Rivellon (and in other realms) that practice or have devoted themselves to harness and study the powers of earth, but there are few who have mastered it. Following list describes characters who had dealt in geomancy related to it in one way or another.

Known Spells[]

Following table shows a list of spells that appear in Divinity Series. The actual effect of the spells may wary across the games and should be used only for lore information purposes.

The table is made of 4 parts: Name (icon of the spell), effect of the spell, required mastery of the magic and the game in which the spell appears. Mastery indicates what amount of knowledge and expertise said character needs to cast the spell (without the possiblity of backfiring). Needed mastery does not extend unto scrolls, which allow anyone to cast spells inscribed upon them.

Name Effect Mastery Game
Contamination Contamination Release a wave of poison. Damaging enemies and turning blood and water into poison. Starter Original Sin II
Fortify Fortify Invoke the forces of earth to increase physical defense of yourself or ally. Starter Original Sin II
Fossil Strike Fossil Strike Throw a giant rock filled with sticky oil that deals earth damage and creates an oil surface within a 2 meter radius. Starter Original Sin II
DOS Skill Magical Poison Dart Magical Poison Dart
Poison Dart Poison Dart
Cast a magical poisonous dart that deals poison damage and creates poison surface beneath the target Starter Original Sin
Original Sin II
Impalement Impalement Summon rock spikes from the ground striking all characters in a 4.0m radius of the target area, creating oil surface, crippling them and dealing earth damage. Novice Original Sin II
Mend Metal Mend Metal Mend the physical metallic defenses of all allies around you over time. Novice Original Sin II
Worm Tremor Worm Tremor Disrupt the earth, calling forth worms that entangle and poison your enemies standing upon them. Novice Original Sin II
Earthquake Earthquake Summon earthquake at target location, bringing forth oil, dealing earth damage and knocking down enemies. Adept Original Sin II
Poison Wave Poison Wave Release a large circular poison wave around yourself, creating toxic clouds and shortly protecting yourself from earth and poison elements. Adept Original Sin II
Reactive Armour Reactive Armour Manipulate your physical armour and release a wave of metal spikes at everyone around you. Adept Original Sin II


Geomancer appears as an ability in Divinity: Original Sin (and its Enhanced Edition) and combat ability in Divinity: Original Sin II. For more specific information about Geomancer in the games refer to:


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