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George's shop is the combined shop and home of George in 1218 AD.


Usually a quiet store.


On the left side of the building is the shop, accessed from the door to the south or from the door to the residence. There are several pieces of equipment on the tables and on the benches, most notably a round shield, giant sword, short sword and long bow. There are also a some loaves of bread and a broom. Furthermore in the shop several barrels can be found. Next to the counter is a locked chest, and in the north west corner is an armour display which contains some chain armor. The key to the locked chest can be found on top of the shelf next to the armour display.

In the living quarters in the eastern part of the house, next to the table, is George's drudanae; on table itself there is chicken meat and a mug of water. On top of the bookshelf is a bottle of milk and in the lower half of the bookshelf are the letter to George and prohibition notice. Under the pillow there is a composite key. The back door is locked and there is also locked chest next to bookshelves.


  • After George dies, the bed in his house can be used for sleeping.


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