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George's dairy is a book in Divine Divinity.


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23rd Avanturis

Today Tutamun delivered a basket full of precious Drudanae. That simple looking herb has become the centre of my life. I can't wait 'til closing time when I can crumble them in hot water and inhaled the ecstatic vapours. Oh, the dreams!

31st Avanturis

I read in an old herbal dictionary, lent to me by Mardaneus, that people can become addicted to Drudanae. What rubbish! I can stop any time I want to - I just don't want to.

4th Fengali

The last of the Drudanae herbs are used up. I hope that Tutamun will deliver the next batch as soon as possible. My hands are shaking and all I can think about is getting more of the stuff.

5th Fengali

Tutamun didn't arrive today. Hands still shaking and I've got a terrible sore throat. I can't pretend any more. These are Drudanae addiction symptoms. I don't care. I just want more Drudanae.

Need Drudanae. I think I'm beginning to go mad. I MUST have Drudanae.