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George Murdered! is a quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed walkthrough[]

After relieving Mardaneus of his mind share with Thelyron Hashnitor, head to George's store in the southeast of Aleroth. Upon entering the store, George's corpse can be found and the store has been ransacked.

Asking around the village, no one is aware of who the murderer could be, however, Lanilor will reference the deceased's drudanae addiction.

Travel to Verdistis. In the cellar of Pierce's Wine Barrel a vampire, Tutamun, can be found. If Lucian entered George's store before his death, he will know that this vampire is the same individual who was arguing with George prior and readily admits to being the killer, because George was threatening to expose his true identity to Tutamun's colleagues, before attempting to take Lucian's life to ensure his location and vampiric state remain a secret. Tutamun must be killed in order to progress the quest and once defeated, return to Mardaneus to inform him of the murderer, rewarding with experience and skill point in Restoration.