Divinity 2 Geshniz's Headquarters interior

Headquarters interior

Geshniz's Headquarters is a location in northern Broken Valley after it is invaded by Damian's forces, very close to where Maxos Temple used to be (see map below). The teleporter leading to the headquarters is protected by a variety of air defense towers, Damian Dragons, and level 27 Black Ring members & skeletons on the ground.

Once inside the small botanical-themed facility you face level 29 Black Ring members. To the south and around the corner you find a book titled A Word of Warning (#2 on the map below) that discusses the Potion of Wisdom required for Allan's quest Wisdom in a Bottle (if he was chosen as your alchemist). Further down the hall you'll meet another of Damian's Generals, Geshniz. She drops the Potion of Wisdom when killed in addition to other loot. If you don't need the potion for the quest (i.e. Barbatos is your alchemist), you can drink it for a permanent 5 point boost to your Intelligence stat.

In the northeast corner of the room you'll find a chest (#3 on map) containing a Plate Dragon Claw Piece, the Hunter Necklace from the Hunter armor set, along with random loot.


Enemies and DefensesEdit


  • Ballista Towers
  • Damian Dragons
  • Nest Towers
  • Wizard Towers




Location of Geshniz's Headquarters:
Divinity 2 Broken Valley Revisited map

Map of Geshniz's Headquarters:
Divinity 2 Geshniz's Headquarters map