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The Dragon Elf Vacca asked me to clear ghosts from his cave. He'd do it himself, but he's too afraid of them.
Quest log

Ghostbuster is a side quest given by Vacca on Sentinel Island in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  • Enter Vacca's cave.
  • Kill all of the ghosts.
    • Take Vacca's Gem (optional)
    • Sell the gem (optional)
  • Return to Vacca.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

Ghosbuster is a side quest issued by Vacca, who will ask the Knight to clear the ghosts out from his cave which is down a trap-door right next to him.

After you enter the cave through the trap-door next to Vacca, you will be met with eight "Ghost Crawler Warriors" (level 16), two of which will attack you immediately upon entering the cave. They have no offensive or defensive skills, save for their basic attacks. Once all enemies are dead a message will appear on screen saying that the cave is clear.

After all enemies are dead you can return to Vacca for a reward.

However, before completing the quest, you may take Vacca's Gem which sits on a pillow in middle of the cave. However the gem has to be sold before speaking to Vacca, otherwise he will take it from you. If you refuse to return the gem, Vacca will become hostile.


Ego Draconis version[]

  • Default: 1875 exp and 400 gold.
  • Extra: 450 exp, 400 gold, or random Rare weapons, armour and Jewelry.
  • Bonus 5000 gold if Vacca's Gem has been taken and sold before completing the quest
  • Wyvern Fat helpful during the quest From Soup To Nuts

Dragon Knight Saga version[]

  • Default: 1800 experience, 500 gold
  • Extra (1 choice): 800 experience, 250 gold, random moderate/substantial quality potions, 5 random herbs, 2 random ore, 1 random gem
  • Bonus 5000 gold if Vacca's Gem has been taken and sold before completing the quest
  • Wyvern salve helpful during the quest From Soup To Nuts


  • If Vacca's Gem wasn't sold before quest completion, you have to option to give it back OR keep it
    • If you decide to keep it, Vacca will attack and you'll fail this quest
    • If you decide to give it back, you'll lose the gem but rewards will stay as is
  • Killing Vacca in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga gives heroic, and sometimes even Legendary (like 25%), jewelry drop chance, or major and/or blessed charms. He is also at Level 16 and gives 1239 experience.
  • You will still get the Wyvern salve even after killing him.