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Accepted from Vacca (The friendly Dragon Elf). Vacca will ask you to clear the ghosts, who he is afraid of, out from his lair which is down a trap-door right next to him.

A ghost attacking inside Vacca's Cave

If you decline this, he will attack you.


  1. Enter Vacca's Lair.
  2. Kill all of the ghosts.
  3. Plunder the cave.
  4. Return to Vacca.


Once you are inside Vacca's lair, you can loot a number of gems and fossils, including the unique item; Vacca's Gem. Once you are finished clearing the ghosts return upstairs. You now have some options:

  • Talk to Vacca. He will comment on your plundering his home and demand the return of the gems.
    • If you do not give back the gems he will attack you. You will get xp for killing him, plus a few items and some gold.
    • If you return the gems he will not attack you. You will complete the quest as normal.
  • Do not talk to Vacca. Instead go to any merchant and sell Vacca's Gem - it is worth 5000 gold. Now go back to Vacca and you will successfully complete the quest as normal without him ever asking for his gem back. He will then reward you as above. This means you get all the xp and items for completing the quest but with an additional 5000 gold thrown in. Nice.


Default: 1875 exp and 400 gold.

Extra: 450 exp, 400 gold, or random Rare Weapons, Armor and Jewelry.

Add 5000 gold if you sell the gem before speaking to Vacca after clearing out his cave.