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Goblin Trouble is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition. The quest can be obtained from Lawrence, who can be found in the Miner's Office in Silverglen Village.



Oil barrels in Dreksis' cell.

  1. Talk to Lawrence, the representative of the Mining Guild, in his office in Silverglen.
  2. Fight your way into the Luculla Mines, as described in Investigating The Mines.
  3. Walk east from the entrance area until you reach Dreksis' cell. Speak to him and he will ask you to free him.
  4. Pull the lever to free Dreksis, who will attack you with his goons. Kill them (15600 XP) and pick up Dreksis' Head. Alternatively you can trigger the detonator in the adjacent room from A Long Fuse to cause an explosion that kills them all (including the friendly imp).
  5. Report back to Lawrence, who refuses to pay you (3500 XP).


  • This quest cannot be completed if you completed The Naked Truth in a way that leads to Lawrence's death or banishment.


  • 19100 XP