Goblins are one of the lesser sentient races of Rivellon. Like the seven sentient races, they have also mastered magic. They also have an innate attraction to shiny objects.[1]


Tribal and territorial, goblins are a diverse race, from trading nomads that barter for skins, troll teeth, colored pebbles, and pieces of wood to carve a totem to warrior bands, such as the Red Hammer Tribe.

The totems found within their camps are revered as avatars of their gods and the word of the totem is sacrosanct. The living totems within their tribes chronicle the rich history of the tribe. Although they do have an intricate written script, it is considered sacrilegious to use this outside the inner walls of tombs, where the deeds of their dead are written.[2]

Even within their kind, there are those that find their way of life uncivilised.[3]

Notable goblinsEdit



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