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The God King is an ancient and immortal being who leads the voidwoken, former eternals who were tainted by the void and the Sworn. He sought to avenge the 'Original Sin'[citation needed] by punishing the Seven Gods for banishing his people into the Void, while also trying to return his people back to Rivellon.


Aeons before the mortal races walked Rivellon, the God King was sovereign of the eternals. Serving under him were the seven lords who operated as 'local barons.' However, when Fane discovered the Veil and informed the lords, they sealed the God King and the rest of the eternals in the void.

In 1233 AD Lucian with his council had decided to use a deathfog bomb in order to defeat a Black Ring army but since Alexandar released the deathfog before elves had a chance to pass through the Rift it resulted in their decimation as well as the enemy army. Due to elven population being decimated the Seven God Tir-Cendelius weakened and was not able to keep the Veil sealed.

Once the veil had an opening, the voidwoken were able to flow back through the veil to Rivellon. The God King used this opening to spread his influence, primarily by gaining the allegiance of the Black Ring and offering various individuals his favor if they swore to him at the cost of their mortal lives.

In 1242 AD he and his Voidwoken were once and for all trapped within the Void as Lucian, Dallis the Hammer and Godwoken seal the Veil with the world's combined Source.


He is only mentioned and spoken to in Divinity: Original Sin 2. The encounters with him are in Driftwood fields where he speaks through a scarecrow and Lord Kemm's secret shrine (in Arx).

He makes an appearance in the Divinity: Original Sin II Godwoken.

Related Quests[]

  • The Vault of Linder Kemm


  • In one of the non-canonical endings for Divinity Original Sin 2, Fane or an Undead Custom Character who had sworn to the God King were able to return him and the eternals back to Rivellon.
  • Should Player choose to Share the Source with Rivellon, become Divine or align with demons, the God King is pushed back into the Void. However, he is not truly defeated or killed.
  • Despite being allied with the Black Ring, the God King is an enemy of the demons.
  • Aligning with the God King (undead character only) will give the player the 'sworn' buff, which gives the player 2+ attributes, +2 combat skill points and +2 talents, which can be kept even if the player breaks the 'covenant.' Also, their skill "Bless" will be replaced with the skill "Curse".