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For the graphic novel, see Divinity: Original Sin II Godwoken.

The Godwoken are champions of the Seven Gods who have been appointed to ascend to Divinity. Unlike Marked Ones, they have been appointed by an individual god to ascend rather than a unified decision. Furthermore to ascend in this manner does not require a ritual self sacrifice before attaining that level.

Sourcerers by nature, Godwoken have an innate connection to Source, capable already of wielding its power. They were appointed out of necessity by each god to attain divine power for their race and aid in the sealing of the veil between Rivellon and the Void.

As beings in direct opposition of Lucian's own machinations to close the void and the danger to others from the appearance of the voidwoken following the use of Source magic, all Sourcerers where hunted by the Magisters, a specialist arm of the Divine Order to prevent such an ascension.

Several Godwoken were killed prior to 1242 AD, but the gods would merely find a replacement champion when their current one became indisposed. As of 1242 AD there were 6 such champions who escaped Fort Joy, some tales speak of an individualistic escape and others of a unified one:

Before Ifan ben-Mezd, Lohse had been Rhalic's favored champion until she got posessed. After Rhalic was unable to reach her he started to favour Ifan as his champion.

Although there would have been appointed champions for Xantezza and Vrogir, the identity of these champions did not become public knowledge.

Those that had escaped from Reaper's Eye attained further power and insight into their own potential and role, and some of them were swayed over to the side of the God King. Upon reaching the Nameless Isle and taking on the true Arena of the One they were foiled at the last moment by the Divine Order and the pool of Source energy was taken from them, permanently blocking their ability to ascend. Disappointed, the gods turned on their champions at the arena and were summarily defeated. Although their primary goal was now redundant, the champions chose to press on and prevent the draining of the world of Source, after having seen the effects on those who became silent monks.

Pursuing the Divine Order to Arx and encountering Lucian in his crypt, where he had been feigning his own death, the champions surrendered their power to the Divine and allowed Source to be drained from the world, in order to seal the veil.[1]

Following the draining of Source, the champions parted ways, with the two humans, Lohse and Ifan becoming affiliated with the Divine Order alongside the eternal Fane.


  1. Canon ending based on Divinity: Fallen Heroes being based in a Sourceless Rivellon.