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Goemoe is a lizard living in Aleroth in 1218 AD.


Goemoe is an outcast lizard who is living in Aleroth, who is versed in the arts of healing. He has a patient, Simon, in his care who requires treatment using the power of the Source, but is unable to do so as the "Source has been tainted by evil."

Goemoe also has a healing shrine, which has also been tricked by evil. This shrine holds a single healing gem which could be used to treat Simon, however, doing so would be against his vows as Otho also has a patient who requires the same treatment, preventing them from choosing one life over another. When asked if Lucian can use the power of the healing shrine, tell them to "ask it yourself".

Following the restoring Mardaneus' sanity Geomoe travels with the healers to the Blue Boar Inn to explore curing the plague in Rivertown's poor area. Whilst investigating this, his kindred come to take him home to succeed his father, a lie which results in him being polymorphed and trapped in a dungeon by the Black Ring to prevent the formation of the Council of Seven. Upon his rescue he joined the council and helped Lucian rise to Divinity, losing his life in the process when they are attacked by Janus and his orc troops.

Interactions with the Player Character[]

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