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Gorgombert is an exquisite, creamy blue cheese made from the milk of the famed giant white rabbits that roam the pastures of Ferol, the mighty Dukedom. A rare and costly delicacy, it is highly favoured by Sir Gula.

Details of the origin of this cheese are discussed in a book titled Encheeseclopedia.

Bourdain requires some Gorgombert cheese to make Coq Bourré for the quest Everybody's A Critic. You can find some at Sir Gula's House on Lanilor Lane. The quickest way to do this is by mindreading the beggar Darvesh in Mardaneus Plaza, revealing the location of the key to the house's rear entrance. Alternately, you can obtain the cheese from Gula's house after completing the quest An Appetite For Murder.

In Divinity: Original Sin, Gorgombert is mentioned by the Cyseal cheesemonger during one of his ambient lines.