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Stop staring at me like that! I know my scar is disgusting. Do you know how terrible it is to walk around wih everyone staring at you all the time?

Graham is a human resident of Verdistis and former member of the fourth division of the ducal army in 1218 AD.


Graham has a scar on his face that causes him anger whenever he sees it himself. No longer able to competently wield a weapon; due to the loss of depth perception his role in the Ducal Army was lost to him as a result.

The scar itself was caused when Cirgon stabbed him in the eye during a knife fight, which cost him the eye itself.[1] The reason for the fight was due to an affair that Graham was having with Cirgon's wife, who left her husband as a result.[2]

Related quests[]

  • Avenge Graham - Graham wants Cirgon killed to avenge the loss of his eye from their knife fight.


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