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Divinity 2 Grave Robbers Cave exterior

Laura and Arthur outside the tomb

Two croaked as they tried to find this grave! How ironic.

Arthur Gremory

Grave Robbers is a quest that can be accepted from Laura, or started by finding one of the other adventurers. You must find all four of the 'Grave Robbers' to gather the four pieces of a seal (key) before you can enter the tomb and hunt for the treasure.

  1. Arthur Gremory
  2. Jack Bolton
  3. Jimmy Dean
  4. Laura

After finding the four people (above), meet with Laura and Arthur at the Lost Tomb (aka Grave Robber's Cave). They have two parts of the seal, and you have the other two from looting the remains of Jack and Jimmy. Speaking with one of them will cause you to assemble the four parts of the seal and open the door.

Inside the TombEdit

Once you've entered the tomb, mine the iron ore and gather the herbs near the entrance.

When you progress further inside, near the tomb Laura and Arthur will automatically stop and have a conversation because the tomb appears empty. She spots a note on the ground:

Brave souls have come hither to a tomb most bizarre. Now you're all in a dither, courtesy of Bellegar! Here is no treasure, no riches, no wealth. But despair not, my friends: you still have your health!

– Bellegar's note

With a disappointing finish, this ends the quest, and you receive the quest rewards.

However, the tomb is not as empty as it seems. See Grave Robber's Cave for details on finding the treasure and looting the rest of the tomb.