Gregar Brock's diary is a book in Divine Divinity.


*This appears to be a partial Diary of one Gregar Brock, a former soldier who took up the profession of bodyguard for hire. The book is old and badly damaged. Some of the entries speak of a woman call Sylvena and how his lack of courage failed him when bandits on the road to Verdistis attacked them and he fled.*

Sylvena lies mortally wounded because of my cowardice. the bandits took her money and ran her through with a sword and left her to die. I returned to her seemingly lifeless body. She still clung to life, but only by a mere thread.

She sensed my approach and held out her hand to me. I rushed forward in an attempt to comfort her but as I came close she grabbed me by the hair with the last of her strength and uttered that terrible curse.

You left me at the mercy of those thieves Gregar. You failed in your duty to protect me. For that I curse you. I bind you with my dying breath to my statue. You shall stand vigilance over it even after your death. Your only release shall come when you find another to protect and show them the courage and sacrifice that failed you this day.

The rest of the book is damaged but there is one last legible entry:

Since her death I have been drawn to her statue every day. Now my life draws to a close knowing it will be my last entry. I fear that even death will not release me from my obligation. I pray that another arrives so I may redeem myself and embrace peace in oblivion.

Forgive me Sylvena...