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Grumio is an imp aboard the Raven in Divinity: Dragon Commander. He can be visited between turns to research new unit types and unit upgrades.


Grumio, relative of imp ambassador Trinculo Shortfuse, works on the Raven as a mechanic, both maintaining the ship itself and inventing new war machines to use in battle. He dreads the end of the war, knowing that the Dragon Commander and Maxos plan to destroy all of the machines to keep another coup from happening.

Grumio gets ideas for his inventions in his dreams, where he's visited by a beautiful imp woman. They discuss machinery endlessly and she often makes suggestions about new war machines or improvements to existing ones. Maxos later reveals that this woman is actually Corvus, who gives similar ideas to mechanics of every side in the conflict to keep it going for as long as possible.

After Corvus openly begins attacking the Dragon Commander's forces, he also stops visiting Grumio, which lets him realize what was happening to him. At the end of the war he can be found with Trinculo in the engine room bemoaning the fate of his war machines.


  • Grumio is referenced in Divinity: Original Sin with Grumio's cotton candy dye, included in certain special editions of the game.

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