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Guards at the Bridge is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin. This quest is obtained on the way to Cyseal after the tutorial dungeon.


  1. Go North East from the tutorial dungeon and you will come across two DOS Status Effect Drunk.pngDrunk+2 Luck
    -3 Intelligence
    -5 Initiative
    guards on a bridge, Junius and Bibius.
  2. Speak to the guards and make a choice:
    • Agree to follow the guards to the town mage. (+1 Obedient, 900xp)
    • Refuse a drunken escort. (+1 Independent, 180xp)
      • This choice will make the guards attack you.
  3. (Optional) Kill the guards. (900xp)
    • (Optional) A conversation between the main characters gives you either +1 Compassionate or +1 Heartless, depending on your choice.


  • 900xp.
  • +1 Obedient or +1 Independent.
  • +1 Heartless or + 1 Compassionate if you killed the guards, and performed the subsequent conversation.