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Don’t be too hasty to judge me by appearance, stranger. I did not always dwell in this bloated body. I am Sir Gula: a man who used to walk the streets of this city with pride, basking in the flattering graces of many a young lady. My reputation as an adventurer was quite phenomenal and, in a craze of euphoric hubris, I vowed to steal the golden dinner plate of the troll king Bragi. No one thought it possible, but I did it and it was my greatest heist.

Gula is a renowned adventurer who resides at Sir Gula's House on Lanilor Lane district of Aleroth in 1300 AD.


Gula is always in search of mystery and riches; however, he's been locked inside his bedroom for weeks, suspected to be studying a treasure he found. In reality he has been turned into a troll by a curse placed upon him from removing the Golden Plate of King Bragi

Interactions with the player character[]


Mind reading[]

Never mind how obnoxious he looks! He knows things and we must know them too!
When Gula is in a form of a troll
He was trapped in a body as I am trapped in a cave. His renewed life is worthless ... mine is not!
When Gula is in human form

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