Gula's Book is a quest item in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.

To obtain Gula's Book you must:

  1. Complete the quest Seahorse Salad to obtain the Elven Alphabet book from the Forbidden Archive.
  2. Use the book to complete Bark up the Right Tree with Nericon in Mardaneus Plaza to gain access to the Crow's Nest district.
  3. Complete the quest An Appetite For Murder offered by Bernard at the Healers' House in the Great Market. This allows you to acquire the key to Sir Gula's House on Lanilor Lane.
  4. Meet Gula at his house and accept the quest Fat Chance, which takes place at Gula's Archaeological Dig in the Mardaneus Plaza district.
  5. Accept the quest Herbal Medicine offered by Heleon on Lanilor Lane to obtain the key to archaeological site.
  6. Complete Fat Chance and return to Gula, who gives you the key to his chest containing Gula's Book.

Examining the book reveals: Among Gula's notes one strange piece of lore is pondered over most: "The Moss Rat is the opposite of life" - a clue concerning the orbs found in Champion Academy.

Gula explains that he found the message scratched into the lid of a massive sarcophagus from the inside. Behrlihn suggests that it was the tomb of Althalos Greyface, the person who killed him.

Gula's Book examined (D2 FoV quest item)

Examining Gula's Book