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Hagnar Firebreath is a book in Divine Divinity.


Moriendor's lair in the Dwarven Mines.


Hagnar Firebreath was a famous dwarven warrior who got his name from eating pork roasted with garlic cloves at least once a day. It is said that he defeated his enemies by first disorienting them with his garlic breath. During the Age of Chaos, when he was one hundred and eleven years old, Hagnar earned the title of blessed from the priests of the God Duna after slaying five-score demons at the Battle of the Damned. (It is well known that Hell creatures are repulsed by garlic.) Unfortunately Hagnar was killed shortly thereafter, when he tried to sneak into the lair of a wyrm. It is believed the beast was awoken from its slumber by the stench of Hagnar's breath...