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Most imagine the Hall as a sort of afterlife – a place where souls lost to each other in the mortal realm can reunite in death. Whispers of ‘Until the Hall’ abound at funerals and wakes – a reassurance that the lost are not lost forever.
Modern Chronicles of Reapers´s Coast by Cranley Huwbert

The Hall of Echoes, also known as the Land of the Dead is a spiritual world where the souls of the deceased go. After a soul enters the hall, its memories are consumed by Memory Eaters. Purged of memories the soul is sent to the Forge of the Gods where it is then reincarnated back on the mortal plane, or venture into the Void and be lost forever.


After the Eternals were banished and Lord of Chaos imprisoned in Hell, the Hall of Echoes was ruled by Seven Gods until 1242 AD when they were drained of their Source, ending their rule and their lives.

As an ethereal plane, the Hall of Echoes takes shape from the mind of those within its boundaries. To some it may appear as a ruined version of their favorite place, for others an alien world.

Unlike the mortal plane, the atmosphere in the Hall of Echoes is composed of deathfog, thus deadly to the unprotected living.

Further dangers include memory eaters, vengeful souls and source-hungry beasts that prowl the realm, such as the sphinx.

Mortal incursions into the hall[]

In 1218 AD, Lucian the Marked One is sent to the Hall of Echoes. There he had met the Seven Gods and received their source, thus achieving divinity.

In 1242, the hall is entered multiple times by the Godwoken and their cohort; firstly in a vision caused by their Gods when they pray at a shrine after escaping Fort Joy, where they meet the God who chose them as their champion. From this viewpoint, the Godwoken can see the battle between the Seven and an enigmatic figure. This first incursion leaves them with the power to Bless the world around them with the use of Source energy. As their journey to divinity continues, they return to the hall on several occasions, each time finding the Seven Gods in a further weakened state.

As the Godwoken escapes from Reapers' Eye, they are forced into their first physical incursion into the Hall of Echoes; hunted down by Braccus Rex and Dallis. After stealing the magister's flag ship, the Lady Vengeance, Malady, the half elf, half demon aid drags the ship into the hall to shake off their pursuers. After this first incursion, travelling via the Hall becomes the norm for the entourage until their escape from Nameless Isle, where the Lady Vengeance is finally crippled upon reaching Arx. Resting in tatters upon the mountains, her soul remains intact in the Hall, providing a permanent gateway between the mortal and spiritual plain for the Godwoken.

The Hall of Echoes remains seemingly untouched until 1300 AD when the Dragon Knight enters the Hall from Orobas Fjords to find Ygerna's soul, enter her memories and prevent her from being executed, in turn ensuring Damian's death.


Ego Draconis[]

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Original Sin 2[]

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