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Divinity 2 Hall of Echoes interior

Hall of Echoes interior

The Hall of Echoes is a location in Orobas Fjords. You can enter it at the conclusion of the quest Hall of Echoes Bound. Doing so rewards the "Past the Gates" achievement.

Your goal here (although there is no quest) is to find Ygerna's soul, to enter her memories and prevent her from being executed, ensuring Damian's death. Once inside, you find yourself in dragon form, battling Memory Eaters and perhaps destroying some Nest Dias(es), until you reach an orb portal.

Once through the portal you find yourself back in human form. Follow the path until you encounter Charon, who warns you of great dangers ahead. He can be mindread to gain a skill point. Continue following the path and you'll reach an arena area. Here you face a gauntlet of enemies you've previously defeated (who are now a higher level), in addition to Memory Eaters who join each battle. You can kill them for a little extra experience, however it may be wise to focus on the main targets (you do not need to kill the Memory Eaters to end each battle). The Creature and any summons (Summon Demon, Summon Ghost, Summon Undead) you have available may prove helpful by serving as a distraction and dealing additional damage.

You'll fight the following:

  • Marius and Gene (mindread for a skill point)
  • Dead Sassan (mindread for a skill point)
  • Amdusias (in his human form, mindread for a skill point)
  • Laiken and Razakel
  • Lady Kara and Lord John (perhaps the least memorable, they were the Black Ring members who captured Olivia)
  • Ba'al (mindread for a skill point)
Divinity 2 Hall of Echoes Ygerna's memories

Ygerna's memories

Once everyone has been defeated, go through the teleporter. Once again you'll find yourself in dragon form. Proceed towards Ygerna's soul, which is protected by more nests and Memory Eaters. Once inside her memory, you find yourself present moments before her execution, in the presence of The Divine, Zandalor, and several paladins. Violence soon erupts, and you must defeat them all to save Ygerna's life and ensure Damian's demise.

Unfortunately, you discover that you've merely been a tool, manipulated by Ygerna. The hope that saving her would be Damian's undoing was a lie, orchestrated as part of her plan to rejoin the mortal realm and her lover, Damian, to conquer Rivellon together. The game ends shortly after.

If you have Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance, your journey is not yet over.

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