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Divinity 2 Hall of Echoes entrance revealed

The entrance is revealed

Hall of Echoes Bound is a plot quest in which the player must prepare themselves, then find and enter the Hall of Echoes in the Orobas Fjords. This is done by completing four sub-quests prior to entering.


See individual sub-quest articles for details.

  1. X Marks the Spot - Find a dragon who can tell you where the entrance to the Hall of Echoes is. The Patriarch is located in the Primordial Cave (behind the large waterfall by the Grand Knight statue) in the Orobas Fjords.
  2. Revelation - Find the spell to reveal the entrance. The quest item "Note from Maxos" is found in your personal quarters at the Battle Tower.
  3. Lock and Key - Find the sigil stone that will open the door to the Hall of Echoes. The quest item "Hall of Echoes Sigil" is obtained by defeating Ba'al in the Broken Valley Mine.
  4. Come to No Harm - Find the shield to protect your fragile self. The quest item "Shield" is obtained in Aleroth's Ministry after helping Zandalor close rifts.

Entering the Hall of EchoesEdit

To enter the Hall of Echoes, go to the entrance that is revealed to be across the water (east) from the Red Hammer Tribe Waypoint Shrine, in what looks to be a dragon graveyard, under the talking tree Irminsul. Use the Note from Maxos spell to reveal it.

Note that you should complete any outstanding quests or anything else you wish to do prior to entering the Hall of Echoes. If you have Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance you will only be able to access the Battle Tower again, following the events in the Hall of Echoes.

When ready, you may enter the Hall of Echoes to complete the quest.


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