Halliwell is the General of the New Order and "unwavering flame in the holy army of the Divine" who is encountered in Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.


Great MarketEdit

Halliwell is first met north of the elevator connecting the Great Market and Mardaneus Plaza districts. He speaks briefly of the challenges that Aleroth faces before continuing on his way.

Healers' HouseEdit

Afterwards the initial encounter he walks to the Healers' House, where he can be found talking to Bernard. He has little to say to you once there.

In the Healers' House basement, which becomes accessible by accepting the First Aid quest offered by Peter near the elevator, you'll meet Kelton the Skeleton (who assigns the quest Something Rotten). Kelton tells you that he met Halliwell at the Phoenix Inn, where he asked for an autograph and was given a 'demonic look' in return. He says Halliwell has a room on the upper floor of the inn, which is purportedly haunted.

Phoenix InnEdit

You may then head to the Phoenix Inn and ask Ricky the barkeep what he thinks of 'one of his clients'. He will respond in a very nervous way. If presses, he mentions that Halliwell no longer goes up to his room on the top floor, and may have rented lodging elsewhere. Upstairs, the door is locked. Mindread Ricky, then go find the "Phoenix Inn Top Room Key" on the stairs under the bridge in Lanilor Lane, next to the giant pile of rubble. Go back to Halliwell's room at the Phoenix Inn and you'll find a pentagram with candles that summons the demon Ezaazh (for the Something Rotten quest offered by Kelton).

Circle of Trust InnEdit

Halliwell at Circle of Trust Inn (D2 FoV character)

Halliwell at Circle of Trust Inn

At the Circle of Trust Inn, you find that Halliwell has rented the chambers on the top floor, and has two guards posted outside the door who will not allow you to enter. Mindread a guard for 15000 exp to access a new dialog option which taunts them away from their post.

To enter the room you need to use the Anti Demon's Grip Spell obtained in Forbidden Archive at the Prancing Seahorse. Once inside, summon your creature before stepping into the pentagram on the floor. Halliwell returns to the room and begins a conversation that quickly escalates to violence. (He can be mindread a second time before the fight.) Halliwell may use high-damage magic missiles that you should attempt to avoid. Once he is dead, loot Halliwell's Pendant from the chest that spawns in the center of the room for Clue I of To Find a Wizard.

Obtain Laeniel's key from Halliwell's remains if you'd like to confront him at the Cosy Dwelling on Lanilor Lane. A copy of a book about their demon-worshiping cult, History of the Cult of Abraxas, can be found on the podium.


Halliwell can be mindread twice:

  1. Initial encounter near elevator, costs 7500 exp to reveal: "{Behrlihn} Looks like he won't be winning any beauty contests, this one, but there is more to him than meets the eye! He is of ... importance!"
  2. At the Circle of Trust Inn, costs 15000 exp to reveal: "I'll quickly dispatch of this insect and warn Laeniel we've been found. First I'll return his key, then we'll sacrifice his house-mates Tom and Hansel!"



Halliwell's initial location ("4" on map - click image to enlarge):
Great Market map south (D2 FoV location)