Character Hansel


Hansel is a character that can be found in the Great Market district of Aleroth, just south of the waypoint shrine, in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. He left a trail of bread and sausage from his house to the market when fleeing the undead creature that is now caged in the market.

You can help him get his diary back from his house, the Cosy Dwelling on Lanilor Lane which he shares with his roommates Tom, Anne, and Laeniel for the quest Trail of Deceit. Reading his diary reveals a sinister scheme to resolve a love triangle, as he is infatuated with Gretel, the wife of Champion Dorus.

Mindread Edit

You can mindread him for 7500 exp to find out that he fears one of his roommates: "Laeniel is really starting to scare me. I don't even understand that ... language he speaks ... and the chanting: what is that all about?"

This allows you to follow up by asking him about Laeniel. He responds, "You know of him? Well, he lives in the same house I do - only on the upper floor. I've never set foot in his rooms: likes to keep to himself, really. Not that he frequents his chambers a lot himself. But where he's there, I often hear weird noises. Whispers in a tongue completely alien to me. I have even heard the dull boning of chants and incantations. Frankly, the man gives me the creeps!"

Quests Edit

  • Trail of Deceit – Reading Hansel's diary reveals his hidden agenda for Dorus and Gretel.


Location of Hansel ("G" on map - click image to enlarge):
Great Market map (D2 FoV location)