This quest is picked up from a ghost called Lillian who can be found in the Black Cove.

Her father, headless Nick had his head removed by the pirates. She asks you to return it to her father if you find it.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. You will have to complete Warming The Crowd before you can progress this quest. The alternative is to perform yourself and steal the crowd (Enhanced Edition only). See Warming The Crowd Notes. *
  2. Return to Reginald's stage and speak to the talking skull.
  3. When speaking to the head you have the choice to leave him where he is as he is finally happy (+1 Egotistical), or carry out Lillian's wishes and return Nick's HeadDOS Items Quest Nick's Head to his body (+1 Altruistic, he'll be happy to reunite with his daughter as well).
  4. If you decide to leave the head in Cyseal, when you return to Lillian, she will express her frustration and will turn hostile.

*If you completed that quest without passing the RPS check the only way to finish this quest is by killing Reginald since you can't interact with the head otherwise. The rewards are worth it, it's best to kill Reginald in an indirect way (teleportation or barrel) to avoid other casualties.


  • 935 XP after talking to the head
  • 2100 XP for completing the quest
  • +1 Altruistic or Egoistic
  • Reward Chest containing Magical and/or Rare loot (if you return the head)
  • 1290 XP for defeating Lillian and Headless Nick (if you leave him)