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Healers' House, also referred to as Aleroth Healers is a large, three-story building on the west side of the Great Market in Aleroth.


As the name suggests, the location is home to the Healer's Guild, and houses many of the city's healers. Deodatus is the official guild master, but due to his duties elsewhere, that responsibility is now in the hands of the acting guild master, Bernard.


Ground floor[]

Under the southwest bed you can find a wooden key, which opens the chest containing random loot near the northwest corner.

The stairs leading up to the top floor are to the north. The stairs leading down to the basement are south.

First floor[]

Upstairs you'll find Bernard, who may be engaged in a conversation with Halliwell. In the southeast corner of the room you'll find Bernard's chest, which is locked. Fortunately the key is easy to acquire, simply look under a desk to the northwest. There is a second desk in the room, which has Bernard's Therapy Report on it, and a Hidden Note behind it.


The door is locked, and requires a password to be opened ("honeysuckle"). This can be learned from Peter, east of the elevator in Mardaneus Plaza, who tells you the password while assigning the quest First Aid.

In the center of the room is a skeleton named Kelton. On the table you'll find the Healing Orb required for Peter. Next to it is a book about the orbs, titled A History of Healing Orbs.

You'll find a locked storage chest in northwest corner of the room, next to a shelf containing a lot of bread. You can get the key from Bernard upstairs after mindreading Decimus. It among other loot, it contains Shadow Archer Bracers from the Shadow Archer armor set.


  • Asa – Healer
  • Basil – Patient
  • Beata – Destitute
  • Becker – Destitute
  • Bernard – Acting guild master
  • Decimus – Patient
  • Forest – Patient
  • Galen – Healer
  • HalliwellNew Order General
  • Heleon – After Herbal Medicine
  • Jalen – Healer
  • Janos – Patient
  • Jason – Healer
  • Kelton – Skeleton patient
  • Mortimer – Patient
  • Yegor – Destitute



  • A History of Healing Orbs – Basement table
  • Bernard's Chest Key – Upstairs under desk (unlocks nearby chest)
  • Healing Orb – Basement table (First Aid quest item)
  • Hidden Note – Upstairs behind Bernard's desk
  • Shadow Archer Bracers – Basement in locked storage chest
  • Storage Key – Upstairs, obtained from Bernard after mindreading Decimus (unlocks chest in basement)
  • Therapy Report – Upstairs on desk
  • Wooden Key – Ground floor under bed in southwest corner (unlocks nearby chest)



  • The basement door allows you to attempt the password "Rosebud," which results in it saying: "No! And don’t say that again. I don’t want a bunch of pigs to stampede right through me!" This is a reference to earlier events in Broken Valley (Divinity II: Ego Draconis), when the farmer Folo may have told you to use the word Rosebud to free his pig Kevin during the quest Saving the Bacon.
  • A reference to the Chicken Rune from Divinity II: Eco Draconis occurs between the destitute people at the tables.
    Yegor: "So when was the last time you ate chicken?"
    Beata: "I haven't had any since I lost that rune!"
    Becker: "I hear it turned up in High Hall, but that Beatrice girl might have been lying."