Heleon (D2 FoV character)


Heleon is the self-described greatest doctor in Rivellon. He is initially encountered outdoors on Lanilor Lane in Aleroth, between the Cosy Dwelling and Prancing Seahorse (see map below) during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.

Description Edit

Unlike his fellow members of the Aleroth Healers' Guild, he uses his unique Heleon Potions instead of magic to heal his clients. Although initially boastful, he'll admit to being a fraud if questioned after being mindread, but sees little fault with his lie if it gets the job done.

If the quest Herbal Medicine is completed in his favor, he walks to the Healers' House in the Great Market district and can henceforth be found sitting by the fireplace on the ground floor. If his secret is revealed to Bernard, or you choose to drink a potion or two, he becomes angry and remains on Lanilor Lane.

A book detailing some of his experiments, titled Heleon's Log, can be found at Gula's Archaeological Dig.

Mindread Edit

You can mindread Heleon for 15000 exp to reveal: "To think I found this ancient formula for healing potions by sheer luck. I hope my creations never end up in some other healer's hands, or they'll figure out the recipe and have no use for me anymore."

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Location of Heleon ("F" on map - click image to enlarge):
Lanilor Lane map (D2 FoV location)