Heleon Potions are consumable quest items required for the quests Herbal Medicine and A Fraud a Day... in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. Five of these potions can be found at Gula's Archaeological Dig under Mardaneus Plaza after receiving "Heleon's Cellar Key" from Heleon by accepting Herbal Medicine. They are easy to see because they emit a blue glow.


Once acquired they can be used for three (mutually exclusive) purposes:

  • Given to Heleon to complete the quest Herbal Medicine
  • Given to Bernard at the Healers' House to expose Heleon's dishonesty for A Fraud a Day...
  • Used as regular rejuvenation potions, restoring 322 mana and hitpoints over 5 seconds (this is equal to a Potion of Ultimate Rejuvenation)

You need all five potions for the quests - drinking one (or more) prevents you from completing both quests.


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