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A strange helmet with weird magical properties. On the inside, an inscription reads: 'Beware! Can cause nausea!'

The Helmet of Secrets is a piece of armour and quest item in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. This helm can be acquired by looting a chest that spawns after killing Theofolus in the (lower) northeast room of Champion Academy in the Source Square district of Aleroth.

The helmet provides no armor protection, and induces a strange, pulsating blur and color-modifying effect upon the wearer's vision. It should be worn only when needed to obtain the Academy's orbs during the quest To Find a Wizard.



Helmet Uses[]

The Helmet of Secrets proves useful six times in Champion Academy:

  1. Reveals a concealed area of the dormitory, containing a lever that spawns platforms to reach Blue Moon
  2. Atop the west side of the main staircase, reveals a ramp leading to Violet Blast
  3. In the study, reveals four pressure plates (use in order: SW-NW-SE-NE) that spawn Fire God
  4. In the hallway outside the chapel with the three colored torches, reveals levers that spawn White Snow
  5. Directly west from bottom of main staircase, reveals a passage behind a wall that leads to Moss Rat & Antediluvian Vault entrance
  6. Near large hole, reveals platforms that lead to Moss Rat